Summer 2018 - A Celebration Of British Craftsmanship

A cross country JOURNEY photographing some of the most creative people in the uk

QEST Cover

I had a wonderful summer.  I drove 8500 miles all over this wonderful country of ours, I met and photographed the best of the best

About the book and the thinking behind it. It had to be a body of work NOT a collection of random pictures between hard covers. The design is simple and repetitive thus concentrating on the people and their story.

In my opinion a photographic portrait has to be more than just a likeness or a big face. There are many ingredients that go into making a portrait – Location, lighting, lensing, an action, special clothing, objects and details in the picture and will the portrait be enhanced from some post production.

While each of the portraits is as individual as each of the subjects, I hope that the collection as a body of work has certain characteristics and demonstrates that the craft of photography can take its place alongside the other remarkable crafts celebrated in this book.

The book is available to purchase through QEST’s website at: