The Woodmen of Arden. The Scorer signals that an Archer has hit the ‘clout’
 The Woodmen of Arden let loose a volley of arrows
 The winning Archer is sung into lunch in Forest Hall during their Wardmote        SPORTS YOU WON'T SEE IN THE OLYMPICS  Below is a selection of photographs from my collection: Sports you wont see at the Olympics.
 Croquet at The Hurlingham Club
 Wool sack racing in Tetbury, Gloucestershire
 Carriage driving at The Royal Windsor Horse Show
 Polo at the Guards Polo Club     THE LORD MAYOR OF LONDON
 The proposed Lord Mayor is presented to the Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords
 The Silent Ceremony in the Guildhall
 The retiring Lord Mayor handing over to the new Lord Mayor
 The Lord Mayor is welcomed to Mansion House by the Pageant Master after the Lord Mayor’s Show     TRAFALGAR DAY
 A wreath is laid on the spot where Lord Nelson died on  HMS. Victory      WHITEHALL, CHIRSTMAS DAY
 At 01.00 on Christmas Day, a hay net is given to the statue opposite Horse Guards, in the belief that all animal statues come alive for a few hours on Christmas morning
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