Photography is my life’s work. Many years behind the lens have taught me not only the technical craft but also the true art of the photographer – in particular the portrait photographer. I believe that collaboration between creator and subject is the vital ingredient to achieving a great result. It is important to me that the person and their associates are happy with their portrait.

When taking a portrait I am conscious of the human form, the skin, blood and bone behind the face. This is what makes the difference between a mere likeness and a glimpse into the soul. To get the best portrait possible, I take time to understand my sitter and coax a performance from them, whether I have ten minutes or a day, and whether I am working in a studio or on location. Lighting matters to me too – I might use the simplicity of window light, or the full technical range of eight or more electronic flash heads. The images that result will never be boring, but will be a lasting legacy of the person and provoke the interest of the observer.